Olive Owl Latte Mug for Owl Lovers Coffee Cup with Olive Owl


Embark on a whimsical latte experience with our Olive Owl Latte Mug. This is a whimsical masterpiece and the perfect #cupofmood in my Owl Collection. One that promises to infuse your coffee moments with charm and character.

Indeed, this white ceramic masterpiece features an endearing owl donning pink glasses. Her eyes closed in serene contemplation. Just below her image, the words “Olive Owl” in bold black letters add a touch of personality to this latte mug.

Not to mention, the Olive Owl Latte Mug is not just a vessel. It’s an artistic expression that elevates your sipping experience. The owl’s image is nestled within an ornate round gold frame.

Creating a visual masterpiece that captures attention and sparks joy. Every latte moment becomes a canvas for creativity and whimsy.

In fact, bring home this unique latte mug to make your coffee breaks extraordinary. Whether you’re an owl enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the fusion of art and functionality, Olive Owl is here to enchant your daily rituals.

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So, welcome to Khadeeja’s Cup of Mood, where there’s a cup for your every mood. The cup is as shown in the picture and/or video. Any minor flaws or scratches are part of the character of the cup which comes from my carefully curated collection of individual cups, mugs and glasses inspired by my travels around the world.

If you purchase one of these special cups, I’d love if you’d take a picture/video and tag me with your #cupofmood and let me know how your cup helped inspire your mood.




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