About Me & CupofMood

Welcome to Khadeeja’s CupofMood, where there’s a cup for your every mood.

How it started

For those who have followed my journey from my blog, reclaimingmyspirit.com you may recall when I started my blog, I was in a difficult place.

I was on leave from a job I loved, battling depression and other serious medical conditions, living through the tumult of the pandemic and the angst of growing racial unrest across the country.

Being the “control the controllables” kind of person I am, I started using my coffee cups to help set my mood for the day.  I purposefully looked for cups with encouraging and/or inspiring sentiments.

I write about it in my first blog post about CupOfMood. I started regularly posting pictures of some of my cups on my social media channels.

People responded positively to my CupofMood posts. People usually appreciated the messages on the cups. It wasn’t long before my collection became quite expansive. I started giving my cups away as gifts. However, even with that, my proverbial cup was running over.

After a while, people started asking me where they could buy some of the cups. That gave me the idea to open an Etsy shop. I opened in with no fanfare, just to test the waters. I’ve sold a few cups which was enough for me to know, I found one of my new passions, sharing my carefully curated collection of cups with everyone!

How it’s going

The cup collection that has helped me battle depression, has turned into a little business and I couldn’t be happier!


So, welcome to Khadeeja’s CupofMood! Take a look around but please know, what you see is only a fraction of my inventory! I’m a one person show so I’m learning to do it all.

Inventory Updates and Cup Drops

I do regular cup drops, at least once a week. When I do, I typically post a blog about it.

Become a VIP, Be in the Know & Save

Sign up to become a CupofMood VIP. Not only will you be the first to know the latest cup drops, you’ll also get 10% off your first purchase.


Become a CupofMood VIP


See something you love? I offer free non-priority mail, shipping within the continental United States. I typically ship orders within 2-4 days of receiving your order. I take special care to securely bubble wrap all orders and label the package as fragile on 4 sides.


I don’t accept returns, but I will quickly address any concerns you have once you receive your very special CupofMood.  If there is a problem with your order you can send a message through the ordering system and I will address your concern as quickly as possible.

Looking for something special but don’t see it?

Drop me a comment. I’ll check my inventory to see what I have. If so, I’ll do a special cup drop based on your request.

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