Antique Olive Mug by Clay Art Antique Olive Coffee Cup with Olive Plant Mug by Clay Art


This Antique Olive Mug by Clay Art is the perfect #cupofmood to elevate your coffee moments.  Indeed, this Olive Plant Mug by Clay Art is a timeless masterpiece that marries vintage charm with modern elegance.

In fact, you’re sure to elevate your coffee moments with my Antique Olive Mug by Clay Art.  This oversized 16-ounce coffee cup is more than just a vessel. It’s a work of art that will infuse your mornings with a touch of rustic sophistication.

As you cradle this Antique Olive Mug by Clay Art in your hands, you’ll be transported to an olive grove. One  where an intricate olive tree branch stretches across its surface, flanked by olives on either side.

The earthy beige backdrop serves as a canvas for this exquisite design. While the olive green handle and rim add a pop of color and style. Inside, a deep rust hue creates a warm contrast, making each sip a sensory delight.

If you like cups, mugs and glasses by Clay Art, make sure to check out my Clay Art Collection.

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The cup is as shown in the picture and/or video. Any minor flaws or scratches are part of the character of the cup which comes from my carefully curated collection of individual cups, mugs and glasses inspired by my travels around the world.

So welcome to Khadeeja’s Cup of Mood, where there’s a cup for your every mood. If you purchase one of these special cups, I’d love if you’d take a picture/video and tag me with your #cupofmood and let me know how your cup helped inspire your mood.




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