Mind blowing elephant facts in honor of the new additions to my Elephant Collection at my CupofMood Shop

Mind Blowing Elephant Facts, Huh?

These mind blowing elephant facts are courtesy of the latest CupofMood Cup Drop!

These mind blowing elephant facts are courtesy of the latest CupofMood Cup Drop! It started on my CupofMood TikTok Live last Saturday.

I was showing some of the cups I was planning to add to the shop this week. One of the people in the community asked if I had any elephant cups.

Well, that was just the sign I needed to go ahead and put the latest collection of elephant cups into the shop.

Ironically, I had already photographed them with the intention of putting them while I was on vacation in Jamaica. However, I never quite got around to it. So, her request was just the little push I needed.

What Do Sororities Have To Do With Mind Blowing Elephant Facts?

Experience the enchantment of the Teal Elephant Mug by Society 6. It’s the perfect #cupofmood and a masterpiece from my exclusive Elephant Collection.

In fact, the red elephant reminded me of the elephant loving ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. That’s because the Deltas have a special relationship with elephants.

The elephant symbolizes strength and determination. The uplifted trunk represents high goals. The right foot forward represents forward movement.

The Elephant Loving Ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

An Elephant Tea Mug Counts As A Mind Blowing Elephant Fact

C’mon, this super cute tea cup has to count as one of my mind blowing elephant facts! I mean, who would ever believe you could find something so cute and practical?

Introducing my 3D Elephant Tea Mug! It’s a whimsical masterpiece and the perfect #cupofmood for the elephant lover.

Colorful Elephants Mug

The mind blowing elephant facts here are that you can dive into a world of joy and vibrant hues with our Colorful Elephants Mug by Creative Tops. It’s the perfect #cupofmood and a delightful addition to my Elephant Collection.

Cheers To Dancing Elephants!

You’ll step into a world of elegance and whimsy with my Dancing Elephants Mug by Coventry. It’s the perfect #cupofmood and a dazzling gem in my Elephant Collection.

This unique Busch Gardens Extinction Forever Mug with the important message is the perfect #cupofmood for fans of Busch Gardens. Especially those concerned the possibility of animal extinction.

3D Adventure Begins Elephant Mug by Tri-Coastal Design 

Embark on a whimsical journey with the 3D Adventure Begins Elephant Mug by Tri-Coastal Design. It’s the perfect #cupofmood and a delightful addition.

My Final Set of Mind Blowing Elephant Facts

Did you know this about elephants?

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this lighthearted look at elephants.

By the way, if you want a little scoop on my trip to Jamaica, please make sure to check out my Reclaiming My Spirit Blog. I had so many wonderful experiences I’ve shared and even more I still plan to share.

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