Bloody Marys Are Popular Brunch Drinks

Ah, January 1st, of course it means New Years Eve has come and gone. Which also means you may be in the mood for one since Bloody Marys are popular as a brunch drink.

But why are Bloody Marys popular as brunch drinks. Here’s the scoop.

Happy New Year!

There’s a good reason Bloody Marys are popular on New Years Day

In fact today, January 1st is often the day when resolutions are made, regrets are buried, and hangovers are worn like badges of honor.

Believe it or not, there’s a good reason Bloody Marys are popular on New Years Day. That’s because the two have something in common.

It’s National Bloody Mary Day!

Bloody Marys are popular on New Years Day and beyond

It’s also National Bloody Mary Day, and if there’s ever a drink that knows how to cure the morning-after blues, it’s the mighty Bloody Mary.

And that’s just one more reason the mighty Bloody Mary is popular and delicious.

The Bloody Mary A Brunch Time Superhero!

Bloody Marys are popular as a brunchtime superhero

Let’s be honest, the Bloody Mary isn’t just a cocktail; it’s a brunchtime superhero, swooping in to rescue your dignity after a night of questionable decisions.

It’s the drink that says, “Yes, you did dance on that table, and no, it wasn’t your best idea, but fear not—I’m here to help.”

Bloody Mary A Hangover Remedy In A Glass

Bloody Marys are a hangover remedy in a glass

Now, you might be wondering why this tomato-based elixir has become the official mascot of the post-party recovery. Well, apart from being delicious, it’s practically a hangover remedy in a glass.

The tomato juice hydrates, the vodka reboots your system, and the celery stick… well, that’s just there for moral support.

Sip Your Bloody Mary In Style

To fully embrace the healing powers of the Bloody Mary, you need the right perfect #cupofmood.

So without further adieu, introducing the stars of my Bloody Mary Collection. I present to you —the Funny Bloody Mary Glass, the Bloody Mary Recipe Bar Glass, DCI Bloody Mary Set, and Classic Cocktail Recipes Bar Glass.

Because let’s face it, a hangover is temporary, but a stylish Bloody Mary glass is forever. So, let’s take a closer look at this collection.

Brunch Without Bloody Marys Is Just A Sad Breakfast

You’re sure elevate your brunch game with this hilarious Funny Bloody Mary Glass. It’s the perfect #cupofmood for Brunch and Bloody Mary fans.

Bloody Mary Recipe Bar Glass

This Bloody Mary Recipe Bar Glass by Ketel One Vodka is the perfect #cupofmood for people who love to make cocktails at home.

Ketel One Bloody Marys Are Popular And Easy

Ketel One Bloody Marys are popular

This Counts As A Vegetable

If you’re a Bloody Mary fan like I am, I have your perfect #cupofmood. This 32 ounce Mason Jar Mug features the words, “This Counts As A Vegetable” in black and gold lettering on the front of this extra large mug. The set also comes a tomato topped skewer for all of your Bloody Mary additions. 

Ready To Elevate Your Bloody Mary Sips?

Elevate your Bloody Mary sips with the cups in the Bloody Mary Collection

Now, how can you get your hands on these must-have glasses? Easy! Just head over to the CupofMood Shop where the cure for the common hangover comes with a side of humor and a splash of style.

So, until next time,



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