Now I know the title is The Special Letter to Santa Sure To Make Your Day. I have a confession to make. I couldn’t choose just one. So, the truth is, these are all pretty special letters to Santa.

And why not? ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread the holiday cheer than with the timeless tradition of writing letters to Santa?

So, let’s take a look at some of these hilarious and some even audacious letters to Santa.

The Letter To Santa About That Naughty Elf On The Shelf

As we dive into the wonderful world of special letters to Santa, one can’t help but marvel at the creativity and imagination that unfolds on paper.

Move over, mundane wish lists! These letters to Santa are the real deal—a delightful blend of charm, laughter, and just a sprinkle of holiday magic.

The Letter To Santa In Multiple Languages

The kids these days! How can you not laugh at this attempt to make sure Santa was absolutely clear about what they wanted.

That’s why in this letter to Santa they listed their gift request in 16 different languages!

A Threatening Letter To Santa?!

Kids these days! I mean, I can understand begging him Santa. But writing a threatening letter to Santa? Wow! And the threat sounds just like something a parent would say. There will be consequences! I’m guessing that’s something this little hears a bit.

You Can’t Help But Laugh At This Letter To Santa

Juan Pablo’s letter to Santa, he’s asking for a toy that does his homework. However, based on his spelling, I think little Juan could stand to get more spelling homework, for sure!

For The Beer Loving Santa

Well, our buddy, Flynn, knows after a hard night, Santa would probably appreciate more than just milk and cookies.

If you know a Santa or Santa’s Helper who loves beer, I’ve got their #cupofmood with my Beer Lovers Collection at my CupofMood Shop.

Because Life Is Better With A Furry Companion

And the final letter, obviously from a child seeking a little furry companionship. Apparently, the fuzzy part is optional.

Are You Ready For Christmas?

If you’re looking for some fun and easy Christmas activities to do during this holiday break, make sure to check out this blog on my Reclaiming My Spirit blog.

Until next time.



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