Papel Giftware Boss Mug Coffee Cup with Nice Boss Sayings Mug For An Awesome Boss Coffee Cup Mug

Papel Giftware Boss Mug Coffee Cup with Nice Boss Sayings Mug For An Awesome Boss Coffee Cup Mug

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I Survived Another Meeting Mug is the perfect #cupofmood for those horrible work meetings. You’ll appreciate the sarcastic message.


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This Papel Giftware Boss Mug is the perfect #cupofmood for an awesome boss. You and your boss will appreciate the inspiring words on the inside lip of this vintage coffee cup mug.

Indeed, the detailed nature of this exclusive gift mug are impressive. The outside of this perfect boss gift coffee cup mug is cream colored. The handle is brown as well as the rim around the bottom. This 3D mug has a raised leather looking briefcase. The briefcase is on the front of this Papel Giftware Boss Mug. Under it is the word, boss.

On the inner lip it offers a series of leadership adjectives. You will find words like, dedicated, energetic and experienced. Additionally, you’ll find words like strategic and good listener. It’s made with the best quality ceramic.

As a result of the the fine details on this perfect gift coffee cup mug, you’ll want this coffee cup. If you know at the office or at home who needs a special gift mug, this is your #cupofmood! 

Further, your boss might appreciate this Papel Giftware Boss Mug. Additionally, it makes a great holiday or birthday gift for a coworker.

Get your gift shopping out of the way when you purchase a gift like this.

Overall, if you’re looking for coworkers gifts, make sure to check out my Office Humor Collection at my CupofMood Shop.

The cup is as shown in the picture and/or video. Any minor flaws or scratches are part of the character of the cup which comes from my carefully curated collection of individual cups, mugs and glasses inspired by my travels around the world.

If you purchase one of these special cups, I’d love if you’d take a picture/video and tag me with your #cupofmood and let me know how your cup helped inspire your mood.




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