3 Delightful Ways To Reimagine Your Tired Old Coffee Cups

The fact you’re reading this blog post, 3 Delightful Ways To Reimagine Your Tired Old Coffee Cups tells me you may also be a fellow mug and coffee cup collector. First, you need a reason to reimagine your tired old coffee cups. So let’s start with the why. Why Reimagine Your Tired Old Coffee Cups? […]

The Surprising Reasons You Should Love To Fart!

Who Loves To Fart? You know who loves to fart? Babies! And unlike us adults, they typically have no qualms about letting one rip. And while you may not admit, you like to fart, I’m going to give you some reasons you should. So, let’s go with reason number one. Farting As A Natural Stress […]

How to Have a Better Sleep for a Happier Morning!

My Monday mood The morning I’d rather have Getting better sleep I think the key is getting better sleep. So, here are some ideas I’m going to try to get better sleep. For more tips on getting better sleep, check out my Reclaiming My Spirit blog How to Get Better Sleep.

The easy way to start planning for an effortless Thanksgiving

Halloween is officially over but not before I had a chance to have a little fun with the grands, our last linkage to a kid focused Halloween. I thought I was going to be able to be the Cool Nana with the glow in the dark candy when we went to what I thought was […]

Super Simple Tips to Help the Environment

There are many ways to help the environment. Here’s one way. And if this isn’t your #cupofmood, you can try these ideas. I hope you find these ideas helpful. Please let me know if you try any of them and how easy they were. Namaste.

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