The Amazing Carnival Cruise Line and Britto Collaboration You Need To See!

With the amazing Carnival Cruise Line and Britto Collaboration, get ready to set sail on a voyage of color and creativity! So, ahoy, art lovers and cruise enthusiasts! This unique partnership brings together the vibrant, pop-art style of Romero Britto and the fun-filled spirit of Carnival Cruise Line, resulting in an exclusive collection that’s as […]

The Surprising Benefits Of Watching A Sunrise

As a morning person, one who is often up hours before the sun rises, I was happy to learn there are surprising benefits of watching a sunrise. To me, there’s something profoundly enchanting about witnessing the birth of a new day. While I am most definitely a fan of taking it easy. Especially, now that […]

Fabulously Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Love!

If you’re on the hunt for fabulously affordable Mother’s Day gifts that’s as fabulous as your mom, yet won’t break the bank? Look no further! Here at CupofMood, I’ve curated a collection of cups, mugs, and glasses that are not only affordable but also personalized to fit your mom’s taste and style. Because when it […]

The Surprisingly Easy Way To Get Exclusive CupofMood News!

The Surprisingly Easy Way To Get Exclusive CupofMood News! Believe it or not, getting exclusive CupofMood News is really super easy. In fact, it’s so easy, I’ll show you how in just a minute. The real question do you know why you want to be able to get exclusive CupofMood News? Well, it’s because I’ve […]

3 Delightful Ways To Reimagine Your Tired Old Coffee Cups

The fact you’re reading this blog post, 3 Delightful Ways To Reimagine Your Tired Old Coffee Cups tells me you may also be a fellow mug and coffee cup collector. First, you need a reason to reimagine your tired old coffee cups. So let’s start with the why. Why Reimagine Your Tired Old Coffee Cups? […]

The Surprising Reasons You Should Love To Fart!

Who Loves To Fart? You know who loves to fart? Babies! And unlike us adults, they typically have no qualms about letting one rip. And while you may not admit, you like to fart, I’m going to give you some reasons you should. So, let’s go with reason number one. Farting As A Natural Stress […]

Mind Blowing Elephant Facts You Won’t Believe!

Mind Blowing Elephant Facts, Huh? These mind blowing elephant facts are courtesy of the latest CupofMood Cup Drop! It started on my CupofMood TikTok Live last Saturday. I was showing some of the cups I was planning to add to the shop this week. One of the people in the community asked if I had […]

This Is The Real Reason Bloody Marys Are Popular For Brunch!

Ah, January 1st, of course it means New Years Eve has come and gone. Which also means you may be in the mood for one since Bloody Marys are popular as a brunch drink. But why are Bloody Marys popular as brunch drinks. Here’s the scoop. Happy New Year! In fact today, January 1st is […]

The Special Letter To Santa Sure To Make Your Day!

Now I know the title is The Special Letter to Santa Sure To Make Your Day. I have a confession to make. I couldn’t choose just one. So, the truth is, these are all pretty special letters to Santa. And why not? ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread the […]

Exclusive Gifts For Disney Adults Sure To Impress

Unveiling the Magic Welcome to a wonderful world where finding gifts for Disney Adults just became easier and a whole lot more magical! Indeed, in this magical world, your favorite Disney characters come to life in every sip! As you dive into this enchanting blog, “Exclusive Gifts For Disney Adults Sure To Impress,” you’ll discover […]

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